Happy New Year 2014 & Falling Snow until 4th jan

Very very Happy New Year! :) And as Cold is fully turned on here.. Enjoy the Falling Snow at this blog until 4th Jan :)  (Thanks to Good core developers of WP for making this happen :-) I thank year 2013 for solving the biggest puzzle of my life :) and blessing with the company of a very awesome person! Year 2014 is going to be awesome :) Wishing you very happy new year and lot of happiness and growth both on personal and business level in this year. -Mohsin … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.8 I love Admin Interface

Upgraded to latest WordPress version 3.8 also named as PARKER. And loving its flat lightweight fast-loading admin dashboard interface. Really beautiful and very functional. Helps get job done faster. There are so many small improvements like just today I could not help but thank new version for making Widgets organization better and easier when there are many Widgets area/sidebars are defined for a big custom site. That is it for now. Probably will add more later but very busy right now. If you are thinking to upgrade... go ahead do it! Thank you WordPress Core team for making this Open Source software awesome day by day! Mohsin   … [Read more...]

FireFox Responsive Web Design View RWD

My younger brother, also a programmer :) , shared with me this little nifty keyboard short-cut  and introduced to Mozilla Firefox’s awesome Responsive Design View. I am happy to share it with my readers and for my future reference.In the past I had to use plug-ins, or resize window manually. But Firefox has made it so simple and so great.1. Keyboard shortcut is : Ctrl + Shift + M  (when you are on FireFox)2. And Your Firefox will tranform itself to awesome responsive design viewer, you can check different views and enjoy.Also it really helps to test bigger screens sizes even on smaller screens. It really helps the developer to create responsive web design from their own laptop and quickly check the different screen views without needing any … [Read more...]

Keep Height of Second Div column same as First Div

Hi, In responsive web design, I often encounter this issue, and solve it with jQuery. However this time, it was little different took much time to get it right.. So i am posting here for future reference: <code> <script> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ var currentHeight = 0; $(window).load(function() { currentHeight = $('#slider').outerHeight(); $('#slider-right').css({'height':currentHeight}); }); $(window).resize(function() { currentHeight = $('#slider').outerHeight(); $('#slider-right').css({'height':currentHeight}); $(window).trigger('resize'); }); }); </script> </code> I had two column layout, with responsive slider at the left, and a div in the right. As slider keeps changing … [Read more...]

Using PTCL & WordPress – Two Unusual Issues I Faced Today

Now I would say GOOGLE & GoTrusted VPN rescued me. Issue #1: Client Site will not Open at PTCL My ISP A very loyal client of mine, who outsources all programming of her business to me, was having issues with order checkouts. I needed to look into this and fix it asap. I could see that site was working fine as using proxy I could see it working fine. Problem was that I could not login to it and do the job as public proxies are unsafe... I skyped my younger brother, Ismail, that can he open this site in his pc in office. He replied that site was not opening there too as they too were using PTCL. I told him my situation... he said why not use VPN and get rid of PTCL stuff. WOW, even I have paid membership with VPN for clients' … [Read more...]

Surprise – The Biggest Bonus So Far & Joy of Working

Yesterday, an interesting thing happened. A first time client of us, who trusted his website to us to build as per his mockups and ideas, sent me extra bonus on the top of the job... and Man it was the biggest percentage of Bonus I have ever gotten! Guess what percentage? 5% of the original project amount? 10%, 25% ? 50%? Yes it was 50%!!! My first thought was that client forgot the interim payment he had already made, lol for few seconds it was test of my integrity and honesty (Thank God I was able to cope my greedy instinct and was going to let him know that) so I opened the customer support center... and there I read awesome reply already posted by him. Let me quote: With regards to payment, I am delighted with the work you have … [Read more...]

Giving Access to Specific Bucket in AWS using IAM

Hi, If you are using Amazon S3 for storage, I recommend using IAM to create users with specific access to S3 only or to some specific bucket only. It is great way to give to your developer or client or partner access to specific bucket in your S3 without allowing access to whole Amazon or AWS or S3 account. Using IAM service in AWS, you can create groups and users with specific permissions. In my case: I created a group called: test then added: testuser as a user in the group Used following policy for the group to give access to only 'test' bucket Policy Code for Specific Bucket View/Download/Upload/Delete Access: Enable AWS Management Console access to an Amazon S3 bucket: For Programmatic Access, following IAM … [Read more...]