You Can Help Save A Child’s Life

Support Dr.Mani's Heart Kids BlogathonHelp A Child With Heart Birth Defects September 15th, 2007 -- My friend Dr.Mani is a heart surgeon who innovatively uses Internet marketing to help kids born with heart defects. On September 15th, in a very special event called the Heart Kids Blogathon, he is blogging non-stop for 24 hours to raise funds for his 'heart kids'. And this year, he's setting his sights high Dr.Mani plans to raise $25,000 in a day to fund lifesaving heart surgery for 8 children. But to make it happen, we need YOUR help! He's got some very practical plans worked out - check them out here. Be a part of this great project, if you can. Also, don't forget to drop by and encourage him on the big day! Make sure you … [Read more...]