No Paypal, No Clickbank, No Problem

Hi Friends, It is very big news for us who were unable to use Paypal and Clickbank due to non-availability of both in our countries. And i tell you that there were many Online Marketers like us whose businesses were being affected badly due to this. Business Loss was in term of lost sales and lost affiliates commissions and less affiliates (who can promote our products). My own tests has proved that if i did not offer Paypal at my salespage as payment processing source, I lost more than 60 percent sales. I have offered both and tested 2CO and Paypal, and even i offered $1 discount to use 2CO, more than 50% sales come through Paypal. That is Paypal is a MUST HAVE at your Sales letter online. But It was not easy for us untill today, 2CO … [Read more...]