Paypal in Pakistan? Response to a Friend

Hi, I just wrote this personal message to a friend from Pakistan, Danish, who said this: "Bro , Seriously due to unavailability of paypal i am really facing loads of troubles , do you have any alternative which you are using ?"   I wrote my answer there, but due to length of the message could not post there, and also I thought many other fellow Pakistani friends will benefit from this so I post this at my blog here: Danish My Friend you are always welcome. Yeah you are right Paypal problem we face here... But I use and recommend 2Co as this solves about 80% problem, i mean with 2Co you can receive payments from customers who want to pay though Credit Cards as well as also from the customers who want to pay from their Paypal … [Read more...]

Google Apps – Future Of Business Communication

Google Apps is one of the best invention in the history as far as business communication is concerned. It offers everything you need. It has all the scalability your business ever is going to need. And It has no user manual for users and no training course to use as it is THAT easy. Are you using Google Apps for your online business? I hate the standard email packages which comes with any hosting account. I always wanted to use GMAIL for my business communications but sometime customers do not like the fact that some business is using FREE email address like .. BUT it all changed… Yeah with Google Apps you can have backend which is built on GMAIL , but in the front-end you could have and so on! So you … [Read more...]

Flippa for Flipping, Good as Sitepoint?

Well when Sitepoint guys launched Flippa it was not much welcomed by many pro flippers and buyers. But today i have a good news for you regarding Flippa and your flipping projects. I just met long time Website Flipper at Sitepoint and Flippa, very experienced and successful with his flipping ventures. He told me that Flippa is now doing just as best as it used to be at Sitepoint. Also he said that Flippa has many great features which were not available at sitepoint marketplace. Like Flippa guys have really taken Social Media seriously and they can now send your message to your Twitter followers as well as Facebook Friends and Fans. I will share more but for now i have to quit. Good Bye. … [Read more...]

Fit Reports Launched again at Fit dot com

Hi, This is BIG news for me, for my customers and partners specially at After discussing with my Mentor, Kevin Riley, I am going to re-launch my Fit Reports brand. First I launched Fit Reports in year 2006. Fit-1 and Fit-2 were released in that year and customers really loved them. I also enjoyed the fun to research and create those reports as It matches to my taste. Every new Fit report was something new just like an adventure! What is a Fit Report you may be asking? Well it is all about Free Instant Traffic. A Fit report is where I find, test and then share a Traffic Generation method which is Free and Also Instant! That is why it is called Fit! Yeah it has to be fit to fit in the Fit Reports! Last few years I have been … [Read more...]

How a Website is Created Online Exactly – Part -1

In offline world with my potential clients and friends (in Pakistan) I get this question a lot. Believe me this is very hard to explain as I have forgot the basics and I do not realize sometime that how hard it was for me to understand all of this stuff when i get started… Today I am going to explain very general overview of a Website, its component and its stages of development and essentials. First of all let me start with three main components of a Website: Domain Name - A Name like (You Buy it!) Hosting - Some space on a server which is 24/hours linked to internet. (You Rent it!) Webpages - Yeah the Real Website, the pages which you want to show there. Then we have about three stages of building a … [Read more...]