Credit Card Interest Rate Puzzle & Banker’s Bomb

Just today I received my Credit Card statement and maybe this have been the first time I misplaced my one check which was supposed to be in the drop box. So only partial payment got through but the finance charge (interest) payable is just unimaginable. No problem will be cleared this month but this made me think HARD! Ok here are figures, solve this puzzle what rate they applied. Outstanding balance for the month of November was:  PKR 46,843 , I have paid PKR 42,000 on due date and check of remaining payment was never dropped (forgot!) so outstanding balance was about PKR 4000 , and today i received this statement with almost PKR 2000 as finance charges. Wow only for one month it is about 50% for the payment. Which mean annually it … [Read more...]

Seven Best Free Tools I Use Everyday in my Business

Here is list of seven (07) best tools which are free to use and I cannot run business without these tools which I use everyday: 1- Firefox Browser  I know you may already use it, this is great browser made for Internet Marketers. I put this on #1 for its great plugins. Most of the Time I use Following Plugins:  SearchStatus SEO Plugin- Great plugin for SEO guys. Shows all stats you need about any website you are browsing right now. DownloaderVideo - Using this you can download your favorite videos to your computer. ScrapBook - Save any website page to your computer for offline use, with everything intact. FireBug - Great plugin for website developers. It is just the awesome plugin. 2- VLC Media Player Play … [Read more...]

Google Wave – Best Tips & Tricks for Users

Hey Guys, It is good to share that at last Google as sent me invitation for Google Wave and I can login and be the part of Google Wave! If you are already using Google Wave, please share your best tips and tricks for a new user of Google Wave. I would be sharing the exciting stuff which i found interesting about Google Wave after some time. Time to surf in Google Waves! For now I have found these great blog posts full of best tips from great bloggers: Cheat Sheet: Hints and Tips For Google Wave - A good compilation of tips by David. You would learn the new terminologies used in Google wave and some other good tips, good for new users. Ultimate List of Google Wave Tips and Tricks - This is good collection of videos explaining many … [Read more...]