Using PTCL & WordPress – Two Unusual Issues I Faced Today

Now I would say GOOGLE & GoTrusted VPN rescued me. Issue #1: Client Site will not Open at PTCL My ISP A very loyal client of mine, who outsources all programming of her business to me, was having issues with order checkouts. I needed to look into this and fix it asap. I could see that site was working fine as using proxy I could see it working fine. Problem was that I could not login to it and do the job as public proxies are unsafe... I skyped my younger brother, Ismail, that can he open this site in his pc in office. He replied that site was not opening there too as they too were using PTCL. I told him my situation... he said why not use VPN and get rid of PTCL stuff. WOW, even I have paid membership with VPN for clients' … [Read more...]

Surprise – The Biggest Bonus So Far & Joy of Working

Yesterday, an interesting thing happened. A first time client of us, who trusted his website to us to build as per his mockups and ideas, sent me extra bonus on the top of the job... and Man it was the biggest percentage of Bonus I have ever gotten! Guess what percentage? 5% of the original project amount? 10%, 25% ? 50%? Yes it was 50%!!! My first thought was that client forgot the interim payment he had already made, lol for few seconds it was test of my integrity and honesty (Thank God I was able to cope my greedy instinct and was going to let him know that) so I opened the customer support center... and there I read awesome reply already posted by him. Let me quote: With regards to payment, I am delighted with the work you have … [Read more...]

Added Good Looking Pricing Table to MagicBox Website

Hi, I have added new pricing table for our newly launched Wordpress plugin called Conversion MagicBox Plugin. Three types of pricing is offered as per your needs. Checkout here Please let me know if you have any questions, or tips to improve the site or plugin. Thanks, Mohsin Ps. Do not forgot to watch the video on that site, LOL can you catch the exact moment where my English died, and I had to take long awkward pause...:) (yeah creating own videos for business are hard compared to personal fun videos. But glad that I was able to do this one.) … [Read more...]

Thank You WordPress

I use Wordpress daily in my own business as well as most of the time our clients also choose Wordpress and ask us to build their website based on Wordpress. I cannot thank enough to Wordpress and whole Wordpress team to make this great product open source and free. I learn something new daily about this great project of its own kind on the internet. Just today I installed Android App by Wordpress and really loving it, this makes posting to my blog so easy. Also today I was sharing with my team that MEDIA section in Wordpress 3.5 is so lovely. Oh also those new Publish and Update buttons also so cool in WP 3.5. Thank you Wordpress, thank you very much. Wishing you all best year 2013. Regards, Mohsin … [Read more...]

2Checkout Coupon Promo Code Get Free 2Co Account (2CO) is a worldwide leader in payments and e-commerce services. 2CO powers online sellers with a global platform of payment methods and a world-class fraud prevention service on secure and reliable PCI-compliant payment pages. 2Checkout’s payments platform bundles a gateway and merchant account into one single offering with no need to contract with a merchant bank or manage separate agreements.  You can accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, Diner’s Club, JCB and Debit cards (in the U.S.) from one solution through 2Checkout’s fully secure hosted payment pages.  In addition, 2CO provides industry leading recurring billing services, call center support, full SSL certification, and the system is translatable in 15 … [Read more...]

Top Ubuntu Free Softwares We Use Everyday in Our Internet Business

Here is a quick list of little software, goodies and apps I use daily and love them: 1. Tasque - A Task Manager - Compatible to Remember the Milk Service. Light Weight, and very easy to add new tasks using Keyboard.. No need to ever use a Mouse to click. 2. GColor2 - Desktop Color Picker - Lightweight utility to get HTML and RGB color from anywhere on your screen. Great from Web Designers to get color ideas. 3. Take ScreenShot - Ubuntu Built-in Utility to take screenshot of whole window, or selected area. I use it almost every day to take shots and send to clients to make my point. You can find it in under Applications > Accessories > Take Screenshot 4. Artha - An Offline English Dictionary & Thesaurus - Wow I love … [Read more...]

Market Samurai – Great Customer Support

Hi, I remember listening Bob, Founder of Godaddy, say this, "Anyone can sell domains or hosting, it is the customer support where you can WIN the hearts and make them your repeat business. Make them free source of viral word-of-mouth advertising for your biz." Just this week a company won my heart and did what was way beyond you can expect from a software company of their caliber. Their product is also great you all know: Market Samurai! Now It is not about the product but about their business customer support. I have been using their software on trail, and trail was expiring soon. I wanted to buy the full version but.... Sorry only Paypal accepted ...(and no paypal in my country!!!) It was really a big problem i wanted to solve, as … [Read more...]

Fire the Complex, Go for Simple

It is very bad to be an entrepreneur and also try to prove the world how genius I am by presenting complex solutions! Man it has happened to me and  often i find myself in this trap. I see a simple problem in the market, and when I try to solve this, wow I have got the simple solution…but my damn genius mind will not accept that so simple solution. My genius mind wants me to bring something which makes people wonder, which is so complex and difficult that no one in the world can do that. That is great if I am going to run for Nobel prize..but for simple business I observe that simple solutions always win, Simple is HOT! Simple and Easy is what is called Miracle! I tried to come with a graph, a grid to help focus our energies, … [Read more...]

Facebook Profile Nice & Clean Personal URL

Facebook allowed on June,2009 to change the profile url from default format, difficult to remember url to easy to remember personalized profile addresses. There are still new facebook users who have not changed their url and claimed their personalized profile url (vanity url). When you start your facebook account your profile address would be something like this: You can get it personalized and get something personalize like mine new url is: i.e. You get facebook+username (you pick the username) This will help your friends remember the address of your facebook page(profile), and also it will help you … [Read more...]

Forget about todo list, Manage Your Energy

Yes, I was talking with my friend, and we concluded this: "You know if you can manage your cannot stop yourself doing Great Things..." How do i know this? Can I verify that above statement is true and practical? Yes, I can say it is 100% correct. As just this week I have been following a routine which generates huge personal energy in my body and after that I have been able to complete many unfinished to-dos which were taking months to finish them. Here is another observation my friend observed: see i used to work and be productive WITHOUT caring about health, energy, sleeping,  etc. so i just thought i could continue like this.. but i think my body has had enough.. i've abused my system so much.. i'm … [Read more...]