How to Delete All Those Spam Comments

This is very risky to leave your Wordpress blog open for all comment spam without adding any anti comment spam plugins. This was the case with the blog which a client of us have, it had about 4000 spam comments, and it was going to take ages to delete them all from Wordpress dashboard. So they came to us for the help. We deleted all those about 4000 spam comment using little query operation at database level from phpmyadmin. I want to share the same process with you. 1. You need to login to your hosting panel and access PhpMyAdmin to access your database for that blog. 2. When you are there, select your blog’s database and then click SQL tab and run the following query: DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = 0 3. Wow within … [Read more...]

WordPress as CMS Pages RSS Feeds

More and more clients are demanding to have their site backend built on Wordpress. They want to use Wordpress but they do not want to use it as a blog but CMS or a Niche site. To make a wordpress powered site look like a Content website and not just a blog, and also to make it work like a CMS, we add permanent content into Pages (instead of posts). This works great but there is a problem... Problem is that by default Wordpress does not generate RSS feeds from pages. To really benefit from this technology we need to have pages content also included into RSS feeds. We solved this problem by installing a simple plugin available for this called RSS Include Pages. I suggest you to install this plugin if your most of the content is in the … [Read more...]

Google Chrome Browser Background Problem

Today I was working on a new wordpress theme and I discovered this Error/Bug in Google Chrome. What is the bug? Well it would not show the background of the body properly. Every other browser like Firefox and I.E will show the background fine, but Chrome will show no background, or simple plane white color. While I used built in Element Inspect tool in Chrome, I see there it has applied blank background. I searched the Web, and found many fixes, but this is what worked for me: Simple add to your CSS stylesheet this line: html{ height: 100%;} Also you may replace your Body tag, with Html,Body i.e. Body {some css here} will become Html,Body {same CSS here.} Hope this saves you some time and solve your problem. Regards, Mohsin Rasool … [Read more...]

Quick Fix for WordPress Duplicate Content

Most of the time new bloggers make this mistake. They have set their wordpress show full posts at their homepage, category pages and archive pages. It should not be the case, as this creates duplicate pages with same content on your website or blog which is powered by Wordpress. For SEO purposes and user friendliness, it should be set to show only summary or excerpts of posts at every pages except their own page or post page. That is there should be only one page at your blog or website which does have full orignal text, and all other pages should only show excerpt and link to that page. This will help you have a great webpage with genuine content and many many internal and external incoming links to that page with anchor text in links. … [Read more...]

WordPress Blog Tips

We at PressGold has started this Wordpress Blog to share some of the best tips and tricks about Wordpress, Blogging and Blogging using Wordpress. Most of the time new users need some customizations with new wordpress blog. At WarMarks we also help build Custom Wordpress themes for our clients  for a very affordable one time charge. If you ever need Wordpress Customization Service, you are welcome to visit and send us your query. We will be responding with a quote within 12 hours time frame. Soon we will be releasing some Wordpress Themes and Wordpress Plugins at our Wordpress Blog, so stay tuned for new and exciting stuff released by PressGOLD team. Have a great day, Mohsin Rasool … [Read more...]

No Paypal, No Clickbank, No Problem

This is short report written by me in Warrior Master Mind Private Forum at Warrior Forum. Basically in this report I talk about different solutions and alternatives to the top internet business tools and services which are not available to some countries. Like when I started my Internet Business, there were so many great services online which were not available in Pakistan, and It was not great fun really! Then by the time passing, I started to realize that this is not the END. World has many other options to offer, we just need to look and find. I share alternatives to Paypal, Clickbank, as Payment Processing and Affiliate Marketing are two big pillars of Internet Business and Internet Marketing. And I have good news for you, that if you … [Read more...]

Clickbank in Pakistan WoW!

What a great news for us living in Pakistan! Clickbank has just added about 30 new countries to their list...List is in PS of this post. And I could not believe my eyes when i saw PAKISTAN in that list. Really Paypal has discouraged me so much that i was thinking that clickbank may also have forgot us when they did add 30 more countries. But wow, unbelievable. Clickbank is done this boy! How happy I am! Let me email to my buddies in IM here in Pakistan :-) Until now bye, Mohsin PS. Here is new list of countries added: We are very pleased to announce that we now support vendors and affiliates from 30 new countries around the world! ClickBank is now more global than ever before. The new countries … [Read more...]

Post Slugs – Post Urls Keep Them Short

This is one of those features of wordpress which are awesome but used by fewer users while blogging with wordpress. Yes I am taking about the capability for editing Post-Slug aka Post-URL or Permalink. Wordpress has the convention to use your post title as your post URL aka Post Slug. This is awesome when it comes to user friendly and search engine friendly URLs. But there was a little problem with this default behavior of Wordpress i.e. this will result into very long URLs with unnecessary words inside them... Doing no good for SEO... To fix this problem Wordpress guys introduced a little field underneath the Post Title field giving you option to edit the URLz while you are posting new blog post. You need to click the EDIT button and … [Read more...]

Free Themes Directories

There are many great free wordpress themes, that is why you can find many dedicated websites and directories for wordpress themes. I am going to list all the best wordpress theme directories I know in this post. I would be updating this list as i find more quality websites which fit in this post. Here is the Current List of Top Wordpress Theme Directories: WordPress Codex Theme List Blogflux WordPress Theme Directory WordPress Theme Viewer Emily Robins’s WordPress Theme List Top Wordpress Themes NattyWP Wordpress Themes collection WordPress Themes - WP Theme Spot! If you know any of the wordpress theme directory not listed in this list, please let me know using the below comment form and i would try to add in … [Read more...]

Stealth Forum Marketing is pre-Launched as WSO

Stealth Forum Marketing package is offered to the select market as special offer. The main domain for this product is which is still redirected simply to the Special Offer page. When special offer will be over, main salespage will be loaded to this site with all testimonials which I am currently receiving at Warrior Forum WSO Anyone interested to make money online, and build a complete real business is suggested to read this book. And do not forget that this is not yet launched to the market so you can grab it still at very special price! Here is little perview of the offer posted there in the Warrior Special Offer Forum: Stealth Forum Marketing Offers: Special Report:1 – Six Steps Forum Marketing … [Read more...]