Fire the Complex, Go for Simple

It is very bad to be an entrepreneur and also try to prove the world how genius I am by presenting complex solutions! Man it has happened to me and  often i find myself in this trap. I see a simple problem in the market, and when I try to solve this, wow I have got the simple solution…but my damn genius mind will not accept that so simple solution. My genius mind wants me to bring something which makes people wonder, which is so complex and difficult that no one in the world can do that. That is great if I am going to run for Nobel prize..but for simple business I observe that simple solutions always win, Simple is HOT! Simple and Easy is what is called Miracle! I tried to come with a graph, a grid to help focus our energies, … [Read more...]

Facebook Profile Nice & Clean Personal URL

Facebook allowed on June,2009 to change the profile url from default format, difficult to remember url to easy to remember personalized profile addresses. There are still new facebook users who have not changed their url and claimed their personalized profile url (vanity url). When you start your facebook account your profile address would be something like this: You can get it personalized and get something personalize like mine new url is: i.e. You get facebook+username (you pick the username) This will help your friends remember the address of your facebook page(profile), and also it will help you … [Read more...]

Seven Best Free Tools I Use Everyday in my Business

Here is list of seven (07) best tools which are free to use and I cannot run business without these tools which I use everyday: 1- Firefox Browser  I know you may already use it, this is great browser made for Internet Marketers. I put this on #1 for its great plugins. Most of the Time I use Following Plugins:  SearchStatus SEO Plugin- Great plugin for SEO guys. Shows all stats you need about any website you are browsing right now. DownloaderVideo - Using this you can download your favorite videos to your computer. ScrapBook - Save any website page to your computer for offline use, with everything intact. FireBug - Great plugin for website developers. It is just the awesome plugin. 2- VLC Media Player Play … [Read more...]

Google Wave – Best Tips & Tricks for Users

Hey Guys, It is good to share that at last Google as sent me invitation for Google Wave and I can login and be the part of Google Wave! If you are already using Google Wave, please share your best tips and tricks for a new user of Google Wave. I would be sharing the exciting stuff which i found interesting about Google Wave after some time. Time to surf in Google Waves! For now I have found these great blog posts full of best tips from great bloggers: Cheat Sheet: Hints and Tips For Google Wave - A good compilation of tips by David. You would learn the new terminologies used in Google wave and some other good tips, good for new users. Ultimate List of Google Wave Tips and Tricks - This is good collection of videos explaining many … [Read more...]

Paypal in Pakistan? Response to a Friend

Hi, I just wrote this personal message to a friend from Pakistan, Danish, who said this: "Bro , Seriously due to unavailability of paypal i am really facing loads of troubles , do you have any alternative which you are using ?"   I wrote my answer there, but due to length of the message could not post there, and also I thought many other fellow Pakistani friends will benefit from this so I post this at my blog here: Danish My Friend you are always welcome. Yeah you are right Paypal problem we face here... But I use and recommend 2Co as this solves about 80% problem, i mean with 2Co you can receive payments from customers who want to pay though Credit Cards as well as also from the customers who want to pay from their Paypal … [Read more...]

Google Apps – Future Of Business Communication

Google Apps is one of the best invention in the history as far as business communication is concerned. It offers everything you need. It has all the scalability your business ever is going to need. And It has no user manual for users and no training course to use as it is THAT easy. Are you using Google Apps for your online business? I hate the standard email packages which comes with any hosting account. I always wanted to use GMAIL for my business communications but sometime customers do not like the fact that some business is using FREE email address like .. BUT it all changed… Yeah with Google Apps you can have backend which is built on GMAIL , but in the front-end you could have and so on! So you … [Read more...]

How a Website is Created Online Exactly – Part -1

In offline world with my potential clients and friends (in Pakistan) I get this question a lot. Believe me this is very hard to explain as I have forgot the basics and I do not realize sometime that how hard it was for me to understand all of this stuff when i get started… Today I am going to explain very general overview of a Website, its component and its stages of development and essentials. First of all let me start with three main components of a Website: Domain Name - A Name like (You Buy it!) Hosting - Some space on a server which is 24/hours linked to internet. (You Rent it!) Webpages - Yeah the Real Website, the pages which you want to show there. Then we have about three stages of building a … [Read more...]

2Checkout Owner Alan Homewood Interviewed

Hi, If you do not know already about 2Checkout, you may check this out here 2Checkout. Alan Homewood, the CEO and Found of 2Co was recently interviewed by RM, interview can be accesses here: Alan Homewood Interview. I wanted to post that I have been using 2Co for years and I cannot live without their service, payment processing for every business online is the most integral part. Top payment processor used online is PayPal… But they have many disadvantages like limited to some countries, account limitation without any notice, and some people simply hate PayPal due to many other reasons… 2Checkout comes as second best option, or I should say First best option for small business owners online who need to accept payments for their product … [Read more...]

Uploading Files Fast Quick Tip

When you are regularly blogging online, you may need some stuff to upload to your site time to time. Like a plug-in which needs to be installed manually. You need to FTP the files of that plug-in to the plugins' directory before you can activate it. Here is a quick tip to save your time and frustration: Where possible upload .zip file and then Unzip on the server! This will save you 75% time of uploading and 99% time of brain work & tension. Because it is always easier to upload one file (no matter what size) than to upload many many tiny files. Also in case of interruption you do not  need to worry what file is done and what needs to be you are dealing with just ONE file it is easier to manage. That is for … [Read more...]

How to Delete All Those Spam Comments

This is very risky to leave your Wordpress blog open for all comment spam without adding any anti comment spam plugins. This was the case with the blog which a client of us have, it had about 4000 spam comments, and it was going to take ages to delete them all from Wordpress dashboard. So they came to us for the help. We deleted all those about 4000 spam comment using little query operation at database level from phpmyadmin. I want to share the same process with you. 1. You need to login to your hosting panel and access PhpMyAdmin to access your database for that blog. 2. When you are there, select your blog’s database and then click SQL tab and run the following query: DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = 0 3. Wow within … [Read more...]