Clickbank in Pakistan WoW!

What a great news for us living in Pakistan!

Clickbank has just added about 30 new countries to their list…List is in PS of this post.

And I could not believe my eyes when i saw PAKISTAN in that list.

Really Paypal has discouraged me so much that i was thinking that

clickbank may also have forgot us when they did add 30 more countries.

But wow, unbelievable. Clickbank is done this boy!

How happy I am!

Let me email to my buddies in IM here in Pakistan :-)

Until now bye,


PS. Here is new list of countries added:

We are very pleased to announce that we now support vendors and affiliates from 30 new countries around the world! ClickBank is now more global than ever before.

The new countries are:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Cambodia
  • Colombia
  • Comoros
  • Falkland Islands
  • Georgia
  • Honduras
  • Haiti
  • Indonesia
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Lebanon
  • Montenegro
  • Macedonia
  • Mali
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • Paraguay
  • Russian Federation
  • Swaziland
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • Venezuela
  • Vietnam
  • Yemen

Welcome to all of our new client countries!

Source: Clickbank in Pakistan

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  1. Taimoor says

    Yea It Is a Good News I Was Also Shocked lol And Immediately Signed-Up I Am Also From Lahore Where Do U Live In Lahore?

    • sohail-AWT says

      Sir Taimoor

      Do tell me about Clickibank i have used clickbank account and promote products but fail i have no chequ from clickbank and no sale. please help me and send me detail on my email.
      thank you

  2. ajay z marketing says

    What a fantasitc site i have saved this page for further reading in my exploer bookmark box and keep up the good work i learnt a lot from here does that mean i could release new published products more places then the states

  3. says

    I have found this today. I tried to signup with clickbank a few months ago, but they were not accepting Pakistani people then.
    Now, only PayPal is left. I hope PayPal will also start accepting Pakistani people in the near future.

  4. says

    AOA dear brothers ! any clickbank user over here who has received payment from clickbank should kindly tell me in how many days the clickbank check arrives in pakistan.if it is issued on 9th december then upto whcih date i should expect its arrival.plz reply me as soon as possible.i m worry about my payment.thanks in advance

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Dear Waqas,

      It could take some time, I am not sure exactly how much, as I use my Account based on Singapore( I got this years ago Clickbank was offered in Pakistan, now I mostly use that account) with Clickbank. As that account is connected to Singapore Bank account, Clickbank does direct deposit to the bank account there.

  5. says

    ok thx dear mohsin .any other clickbank user from pakistan reading this should answer.Because it has been more than 18 days and still not got the cheque.bytheway mr mohsin hw long does it take for direct deposit

  6. hassan says

    hi Mohsin,

    What business model you using for selling clickbank products? And how do you target other countries markets ? As it’s hard to rank high on google in other Countires.While it’s worthless to rank CB websites on 1st page in Google Pakistan because there are not much buyers.

    i would love to hear about your approach…

    Hope to hear soon.
    Best REgads

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Dear Hassan,

      I am not selling Clickbank products currently. Affiliate Marketing is not my business model. I own my own products and also offer services at

      When I was doing clickbank full time, my only traffic method was PPC (not adwords made me big bucks, but Yahoo Sponsored Search did make my money and good ROI).

      You are right, there is not point to rank a clickbank products’ preselling page for Pakistani market. My dear clickbank is very saturated and competitive specially for Newcomers. If you have money to invest then go buy paid traffic and send to best converting clickbank products.

      In case you want to only use Free SEO and Social Media traffic, I suggest you go for easy ride at . Let me share with you a great thread
      recently a fellow Warrior friend posted at Warrior Forum:

      Also look at for not so competitive products to promote. Do blogging about specific products and do drive traffic from social media sites and also social bookmark you all pages and create pages at web 2.0 properties and link them together…

      Forum marketing is also great model for promotion, but it works even greater when you have your own product to sell.

      To supplement your income at the start, i suggest you go offer some sort of service too, this is surefire way to create a consistent source of income, and also make contacts in your industry so you can also launch the product in the same market.

      Wish you best,
      PS. Every month i get some commissions from Clickbank from the products i referred to my clients, most
      of the time, scripts or software needed to create their sites. So it is another tip for you to use, when you offer service to your clients, if they need anything like a membership script or clickbank affilite management tool, give them your affiliate link and ask them favor to buy using your link. As they tust you, and you are saving their time and money by suggesting the best tool in the market, you deserve your commission, and they do not have to pay extra, so they happily will use your link. Many times they will ask your affiliate link to show you the generosity!

      PPS. Also if you can create some Niche sites, with unique content, have the main keyword in the domain, you are guaranteed to get position in SERPS. Then you can add links to best affilite products from that site, and promote that site madly. By adding more and more content on daily basis. By generating backlinks, by creating Social Web Link Wheels, and by consistenting positing at social sites link Twitter and Facebook.
      This is long term and takes time to build the kind of site, but at the end you will have a good asset which brings your monthly income, and also you can sell the whole site for big bucks..aka Flipping! Have a look at and see how many people are making great money by selling the working Niche sites.

  7. Talha says

    Mohsin, so you are actually trying to say that Clickbank is useless for people in Pakistan?

    Secondly, approx. how much investment is required to actually get in the cycle of getting commission through Clickbank.

  8. Mohsin Rasool says

    Hi Talha,

    “clickbank is useless for Pakistan?”
    Did i say that? Sorry if i gave this impressions,
    I did not which part of this post you used to draw above conclusion.

    Clickbank is great way to learn quickly about Affiliate Marketing. Great way to start… I just
    wanted to say that you need to market clickbank products to people who buy online (which is not usually the case with Pakistan) so if you have a Pakistan based site with Pakistani traffic, you will find hard to make affiliate sales on that site.

    Investment? You mean for Adwords Ads to promote clickbank products?
    You know in the beginning it is all about finding
    the best keywords and best offers/products which make you profit (after paying your adwords cost)….

    So actual initial cost is to test many different offers, and then stick to the offers which are profitable. How much money you should spend on testing….

    Well my friends, great Adwords expert, taught me this formula of 3Times of the Affiliate commission, i.e. If a product earns you $30 commission, for testing it out if it is profitable for you, start a test campaign and make few sales and see how it converts.

    After you have spent almost $30*3 = $90 but conversions are not that good or you did not covered your costs… It is time to move on…to try some other product instead of going for more risk…

    Once a while you will find a good converting winner product… you add that to your portfolio,
    run it with even more keywords…and start testing more products…and again repeat the cycle, remove the losers and keep the winners… this is how you start getting some of the best profits online.


  9. khan says

    Regarding your question about targeting foreign markets. I would like to share some of my experiences here.

    For some time now, I’ve been running an experiment. I was targeting pakistanis and keeping in mind the zero competition, i thought i would be getting to the top of SERPs in less than 15 days. I did appear on the first page but until now, i’m not in the top 5 despite the fact that the sites at the top have 0 backlinks, no keyword in the title, not even in the description, and ironically, they’re not even content based sites. I was amazed! Then i checked my google analytics and saw some amazing stats. I was getting traffic from google (UK), google (CA), and from US also. when i checked my ranking in those data centers, i was sitting on number one position. So, for me, ranking in the foreign data centers is easy as compared to the local data centers i.e. pakistani and indian. Now one can think of the following possible reasons for this:

    1. The updates on asian data centers are slow as compared to the western ones.

    2. For exotic keywords (non-english), google’s rankings are same as “local search” ones. I mean they treat such keywords in the same manner.

    Now coming to the point, you say that it’s hard to rank for CB products in foreign data centers. I completely disagree with this. Either you’re missing something or you are not putting in the effort that it requires. Either you’re doing the keyword research wrong or you’re choosing wrong platforms to promote the products. For products, i would say hubpages, squidoo are the best. You start off with authority and with little backlinking, you start to see good results. Let me know what tools you’re using apart from free ones? I’ve used both the free ones and the paid ones and i’ve come to the conclusion that free ones suck! They’re not simply worth your time. If you do a manual work, it would outcompete the work that free tool does.

    You don’t need any investment to start off. You just need right direction.

    What if the same happens with the next experiment and continues to happen until you’re empty pocket. If you’re not an experienced adwords advertisers, it’s not worth trying. And for anyone just starting off, i would recommend to stay away from adwords.

    I will have to disagree that clickbank is saturated? The truth is if you know the basic rules of how to get organic traffic, you can always have a share from clickbank no matter how many active affiliates are participating in the promotion. Most of the CB affiliates do email marketing and few get it to promote the products through micro niche sites.

    I also disagree with your social promotion advice. This is simply waste of time. I don’t know with you but it’s not converted well for me. Whenever i have social traffic, the bounce rate of my pages increase resulting in low CTR.
    Niche sites? are you mad? do you know how much time, effort and money it would take to promote your niche site? This is just a ridiculous advice to someone who’s starting from scratch. I would rather advice to go for micro niche sites targeting one keyword having approx 3000 local searches along with 8 to 9 longtails related to that. It’s easy as hell as compared to the niche site.

    Talk to the noobs about linkwheels and get their site sandboxed. It would’ve been more helpful to him if you could explain it to him how to build a proper link wheel that has zero chance of getting your site sandboxed.

  10. Waseem Dar says

    I have been making money with clickbank since 2002. At that time clickbank was not accepting affiliates from Pakistan but I signed up with the mailing address of my cousine who is in U.K and clickbank used to send checks there in U.K. Now all paychecks are coming to my home address in Pakistan. Clickbank is my additonal source of income and I earn good money working part time with them.

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Good Luck Waseem. It is always a source of happiness to read online success stories, and specially even more happiness to know about fellow Pakistani’s success story. Keep it up!

  11. Altecvir says

    @waseem … can u please tell me how do u cash ur chuque or deposit it coz ive called banks over here but they say tht they do not accpt international cheque can u please guide me through the procedure thank u …

    • Mohsin Rasool says


      I have submitted international checks to my current account in Bank Alaflah and they happily cleared those cheques for me. Remember do not just call them as most of local branch staff may not know this… Visit the branch, ask to meet the guy who deals with international banking, ask him you need basic information like: Bank sort code, and SWIFT code and stuff like that for your business incoming wires from USA. If that guy provide you this information he is the qualified guy to ask for cheque, or simply submit your cheque for clearance to this guy… (In the branch I have account, he is very helpful and has always guided me and always have accepted my checks!)

  12. waseem dar says

    @Khan you are absolutely right. I am wdarpk from BHW. :)

    @Altecvir I deposit my paychecks in Soneri Bank and they never told me that they don’t accept these checks. As Mohsin told you you should go the bank in person and then meet the dealing hand. You will not have any problem. If you have any question about clickbank, feel free to ask me here

  13. Shariq says

    great news!

    btw you’re providing such an excellent source of information for us Pakistanis. a rare site indeed! thank you on behalf of all the Pakistani readers for giving us the latest internet marketing news and proven tips.. and most important hope :)

  14. Shariq says

    great news!

    btw you’re providing such an excellent source of information for us Pakistanis. a rare site indeed! thank you on behalf of all the Pakistani readers for giving us the latest internet marketing news and proven tips.. and most importantly hope :)

  15. M. Ali Gilani says

    Wow it is soo great to see Pakistani fellows having worked soo much on affiliate marketing. I am also going to start with ClickBank and I am sure this site will be very helpful. Thanks Mohsin and everyone else;-)

  16. zohaib says

    Salam to all
    can anyone tell me what is clickbank and how I can earn money from clickank? Please let me know. I will be thankful to you.

  17. jai says

    what a great news it is! i am so much happy knowing the name of pakistan in the list of clickbank.i think now pakistanis can get thier payments from earning other countries online.can you tell me mohsin or anyone els that how can i open my account in clickbank?
    and from where in pakistan can be received payment of earnings by online with clickbank and also from other countries.
    thanks mohsin and others so much to inform all about clickbank.

  18. Aulia says

    Hi All
    Can anyone of you clear my doubts ?
    I received a mail through with the subject “Your Cheque is Waiting”. I opened the mail and they led me to some site where it was written that I could earn money by only taking surveys and reading the mails etc. They asked for the 42 USD. Now I am ready to pay the money only if I can earn after it. When I went on to deposit the money “Click Bank Secure Order etc” came.
    Can anyone suggest me that should I deposit the money and would it help me to earn the money online ? Or its just scam and they would eat up my money ?
    Please do suggest.
    And how could I make money through CLICKBANK?
    Looking forward for your prompt response.

    • admin says

      It seems like another PAID-to join Survey site.. Do not waste your money on programs like this.
      Read this:

      See these Promises of Easy to earn thousands overnight are just scams most of the time.
      Also if you are from Pakistan, you will not qualify for any paid survey earnings as legitimate (if any) surveys are online for top two/three countries like USA,UK, Canada…

  19. Abbas Naqvi says

    Is there any1 who can guide me how much money do i need to invest with the click bank website ,how does it operates ,i means to say wht i hv to do after joining this website what kind of work ?actually i m bigner i dont knw much about this business but i want to.

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Hi Nauman,

      You need to open Clickbank Affiliate Account here:

      It is free to open account with them as an Affiliate.

      Then you browse their Marketplace for the products listed in there.
      Select which one you like to promote..
      and click PROMOTE.. give your AFFILIATE ID and create your HOP (Promotional Link).
      Now use this HOP link to promote that product and any sale made through this link
      will be credited to your account and you will earn commission (generally 50% to 75%) for the sales price.

      Best Regards,

  20. says

    what a great news it is! i am so much happy knowing the name of pakistan in the list of clickbank.i think now pakistanis can get thier payments from earning other countries online.can you tell me mohsin or anyone els that how can i open my account in clickbank?

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Hi Anna,

      Sorry there is no PPC (Pay Per Click option) with clickbank.
      They only pay you as ‘Pay per Sale’. Sales made through your affiliate URL.


  21. suffyan says

    hi mohsin i have click bank account and i also promote one think in list and share its hop link in facebook, and other ……………. after one day i chek my account there no changing all is zero if no purchases made on my link then atleats something occur in my account like sells before and wat is gravity in simple word plz guid me

  22. Shoaib says

    Hi mohsin rasool i want to earn money from click bank but not sure how to withdraw money from it in pakistan…can you help me in detail what need to do …i have poyaneer master card and i want all money to be loaded to this card…thanks payoneer

    • Mohsin Rasool says


      You will need to apply for Payoneer US Payment Service, it is free to apply. They will give you a virtual bank account which you can use on clikbank to receive all payments. Once payment is in your Payoneer US Payment account, you can load the same to your Payoneer card.

      To get that service contact Payoneer support and they will send you the info and instructions.


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