Forget about todo list, Manage Your Energy

Yes, I was talking with my friend, and we concluded this:

“You know if you can manage your Energy….you cannot stop yourself
doing Great Things…”

How do i know this? Can I verify that above statement is true and practical?

Yes, I can say it is 100% correct. As just this week I have been following a routine which generates huge personal energy in my body and after that I have been able to complete many unfinished to-dos which were taking months to finish them.

Here is another observation my friend observed:

see i used to work and be productive
WITHOUT caring about health, energy, sleeping,  etc.
so i just thought i could continue like this..
but i think my body has had enough.. i’ve
abused my system so much.. i’m surprised
it’s still working..
so i totally agree that it all has to work
in harmony..

Now this is my closest friend and I know he is extremely successful in his online business ventures but just recently he observed that he is not having great feelings sometime and sometime he feels down for no obvious reason. I know the same situation have been with me for last four years. I have my share of success but sometime I just feel very depressed and down.

How we tackle this situation, we discussed and thought and shared our ideas and so far we have come to this conclusion which I have written on first few lines, let me repeat it here:

“You know if you can manage your Energy….you cannot stop yourself
doing Great Things…”

Question is how we manage our energy? Personal energy so we get unstoppable drive to do great things!

There are few things if you can take care of them you can achieve the goal we are trying to accomplish, like:

  • You take highly concentrated sleep (Only possible in the dark NIGHT :-) so no night shift workings!
  • You take care of your food, there are two important thingswhen we talk about food:
    • First you take healthy diet and second you take food often and on time, no skipping!
  • Then after awesome sleep, you try to get up early in the morning and do some sort of exercise, no I am not talking about GYM workouts in the early morning, you can do that in afternoon if you like. It should be light exercise , best exercise you can do is: Jogging, Simple Walk, or what Great Gary Halbert (late) calls: Road Work . He advised this to his son, Bond, that do nothing in the morning unless you complete your Road Work. Read his great series of Letters he wrote to his son while he was in federal prison: Boron Letters Series : First Letter
  • Do not work continuous four or eight hours in a row, take short breaks and work in 45 minutes time blocks. I know it is impossible to work that much in single sitting, but unfortunately we Internet Marketers can sit in front of computer long hours without accomplishing much and only abusing our natural body system.
  • Try to work on ONE thing at a time and nothing else. If for that ONE thing internet is not necessary, i suggest you disable your Internet and work on that ONE task at hand. I recently have been doing this and wow, i completed my Fit4 Report which was a work in progress since a month. But applying this tip i got it done and it is already sent for review to my great Mentor before I release to the marketplace.

If you are successful applying above tips, you will have enough energy and brain juices to get most of your todo stuff done. You will get the outrageous results from your actions as now you are unstoppable with the kind of energy your body have.

For my morning exercise routine, I have been lucky to find a YOGA class in near public park with plenty of greenery and like mind peoples and great coach. If you can find something like this you will feel the great difference in your daily life after attending that Yoga exercise class. (BTW it is also great to see sunrise while doing Kings Like exercises there :-)

UPDATE- 28-Jan-2010 I shared the same on my favorite forum, Warrior Forum, with my forum buddies..and they had few things to add, so I am going to quote them below, hope you like it:

exercising every day really helps me clear my brain out for some reason.
Daniel Brock

Then Igor suggests this:

Eat fruit for breakfast. They are filled
with fluids and charge you up for the
whole day.

The first meal sets the tone for
the rest of the day. If you start the
day off a bad meal-then you’re setting
the whole day to be as bad.
Igor Kheifets

Paul contributed to this thread with following great insights:

I have found out that exercising is REALLY important. I have kept
track of my productivity over the last few months, and on the days
when I got at least 30-60 minutes of exercise I found that I had so
much more energy to do things and it also helps to put you in a more
positive frame of mind.

Another thing to note is to have a fairly light mid-day (2nd meal)
that is not heavy on carbs. If you eat something heavy then, you go
through this carb-induced haze afterwards that makes it a little hard
to really focus on things. If you end up feeling tired in the
afternoon, it does not hurt at all to either meditate or take a short
nap to refresh yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive
the rest of your day will be by doing that!

“Solid sleep and exercise are definitely prerequisites, and meditation
is the icing on the cake that really supercharges your focus and

Paul Chow – Warrior ID: paulie888

Allurre gives awesome tips to Internet Business Owners to save their body from upcoming crash in IM Lab:

1. You will definitely need adequate sleep.
2. Exercise – get out your house; don’t be holed up in your so called lab. It’s killing you.
3. Stay positive – be enthusiastic with your online business. If you’re mentally frustrated, that alone will disrupt your energy flow.
4. Have a healthy dietary regime.
5. Make sure you still have your social life.

Peter sums it up nicely for all Internet Marketers:

Regular exercise, drinking lots of water, and eating good food
everyday is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle IMO.

Source: Warrior Forum, Energy Managing Thread by Me

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  1. says

    This is some great advice mate. It is very very important and highly overlooked aspect of being an entrepreneur because working for your self gives you so much control that we don’t tend to use. We can take breaks as we like and shape our routine however we wish.

    It is an opportunity many miss out on. The entire concept and idea behind working for you self specially in Internet Marketing is to free yourself from the 9 to 5 grind and live life on your own terms. Now that doesn’t involve not working at all but what we tend to forget is, we then start working [without management] for 8-10 hours straight on the computer with mini 5 minute breaks in between.
    I say then what is the difference? where is the freedom? and what exactly did we accomplish in acheiving all this?

    Great insight on energy management I’ll try and implement it on and will definitely Blog about it[when my blog is live ofcourse]

    Cheers Mohsin.
    Will drop by your blog often now.


  2. Mohsin Rasool says

    Hi Maddi,

    Thanks for your input.
    Yeah sometime we forget about our body in our IM LAB :)

    Good Luck with your upcoming blog.

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