Paypal in Pakistan? Response to a Friend


I just wrote this personal message to a friend from Pakistan, Danish, who said this:

“Bro , Seriously due to unavailability of paypal i am really facing loads of troubles , do you have any alternative which you are using ?”


I wrote my answer there, but due to length of the message could not post there, and also I thought many other fellow Pakistani friends will benefit from this so I post this at my blog here:

Danish My Friend you are always welcome.

Yeah you are right Paypal problem we face here… But I use and recommend 2Co as this solves about 80% problem, i mean with 2Co you can receive payments from customers who want to pay though Credit Cards as well as also from the customers who want to pay from their Paypal account balance!

As i said this does not solve 100% problem as still you have no means to use those funds online, until they get into your Local Bank Account.. So we cannot make payments online as we could have made through our
Paypal account…for this i recommend to get hold of Credit Card, of yours or someone in your family who can trust you , and you can trust him/her!

Also if you have digital product and you want to tap into Affiliates market, you have also Clickbank there…to handle your Payments, and payments to affiliates!!!

MAN it used to be hard in the days when 2Co Would not accept
No Paypal, No Clickbank, No Problem | Mohsin Rasool
(Also download the report from there i wrote once for friends like you
facing NON-Paypal problem -)

Note: Above post/report was written before clickbank was available in Pakistan,,
but now as clickbank is in Pakistan…i suggest to use Clickbank for Affiliates
and not 2Co’s very limited affiliate program.

and when Clickbank would not allow Pakistan

…but now you have both!!!
ClickBank in Pakistan WoW! | Mohsin Rasool

You see we are making progress… so do not worry and keep working on your Goals you are going to make more than thousands who have Paypal account but have not made money online due to inaction or no work!

Wish you best there, hope this gives you some ideas,
Mohsin Rasool
PS. Oh I wanted to share this with you:

I used to earn very less money , say only Adsense…
And used to think and focus on the problem that how sad
i have no PayPal , no clickbank…

Then One day a very great friend of mine from Singapore, Ameer Salim,
said this:

“Mohsin do not focus on problems (Paypal) focus on opportunity (2Co!)”

That day was the turning point, as I said OK , No Paypal NO Problem!!!
I am going to sell and I am going to use 2Co..After all they are multi Million Dollar
company,,, why cannot they process my first Million Dollar :)

Then I started to offer services and some products and it really has become my
integral part of bi-weekly income…yeah 2Co sends weekly/Bi-Weekly your money
directly to your bank.

So Danish I recommend you go with 2Co and forget about Paypal problem for now.
When you have made some stuff, you will have some great friends here online.
And if you must need some payment to be received through Paypal you can ask
your friend to accept that payment on your behalf. But your sales system should
be fine with 2Co as they are going to take payment for you from all non-paypal and paypal buyers.

Oh live by revenge LOL…i mean if Paypal says : No Pakistani… Say: NO WAY! NO PAYPAL! … hahah Paypal Sucks! This will make you feel great and really this
will FREE you from the thought of absence of Paypal as disadvantage to you! :) – Now sometime I joke ,No it is not Paypal which does not accept Pakistan, but it is Pakistan which does not accept Paypal . HAHAHAHA!

Have a Great day! Let me know if you have any question in this regard.. I will update this post or reply in comments.

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  1. Mohsin Rasool says


    Yaar plimus is accepting both thing CC and paypal , 2co main $49 fee and i dono its procedure , what to do :(

    Plimus does not accept free emails from the users/your customers which is not GOOD move!

    2Co is reputable and reliable and have been earning the trust of online consumer day by day…

    Well for 2Co, yes you need to pay $49 fee.
    Last time I had personal conversation with 2Co’s strategy Manager and he was very interested to
    win more accounts in Pakistan and asked me for my suggestions…

    One suggestion I gave him was about this Initial fee as i know there are not many Pakistani who have card to pay this fee. I asked him to have other options to pay like direct deposit in some local Pakistani bank (in their account as online payment.)

    Or by waiving off this intial fee and deducting it
    from the balance amount from the sales conducted though 2Co.

    Let’s see if they come up with some solution to this for Pakistani online sellers and service providers.

    Best Regards,
    Mohsin Rasool
    PS. Regarding the proceducre of 2Co…well you need to make an account with them and pay the fee and they will send you some documents to verify. You fill them up, sign and FAX them and then they will activate your account.

    You can signup with them here:

  2. zeeshan says

    Forget Paypal dude.. try this

    The best alternate to Paypal and easiest way is through MoneyBookers. You can send or receive money online very easily. No complex procedures required. Just add your bank details and that’s it. All other processing will be handled by MoneyBookers.
    Registeration is very very easy.
    Below is the link (do me a favor because I am referring it), so click below

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Well Thank you for your effort Zeeshan. I have account on moneybooker since many years and have used them too. But Moneybooker does not solve the problem you face as a product/service seller to the customers who have funds only in their Paypal accounts!

      Hope you get some signup from the above like with your affilite ID. I suggest you also use Clickbank(now they accept Pakistan!) to promote products for more affiliate money.
      Wish you best,

  3. says

    Hello ,
    My question is that if I get 2CO a/c for my online shop, will this solve all problems . I mean I can get payments from customer who wish to pay from thier credit cards , or pay pal etc ?

    2ndly If my store address will be of another country and i will operate this fro Pakistan, will this be ok for 2CO?

  4. danish says

    Hay there , Yaar where is your friend Mudassar now , Its been long to see him , Also saw your pics in Singapore, ur looking Cool. May i know you visited their for what purpose Dear. also Mate i am now trying to Target Click Bank , But initially i am Blank about it , let me know if you have some idea ?

  5. Mohsin Rasool says


    Hello ,
    My question is that if I get 2CO a/c for my online shop, will this solve all problems . I mean I can get payments from customer who wish to pay from thier credit cards , or pay pal etc ?

    2ndly If my store address will be of another country and i will operate this fro Pakistan, will this be ok for 2CO?

    1. Yes using 2Co your customer can pay you using their credit cards as well as funds in Paypal.

    2. I am not sure about it, Please ask the 2Co support guys. They will be glad to answer this.

  6. Mukhtar says

    Please tell me guys:
    I’m newest user of Plimus, plz tell me what method of money transfer will best for me?

  7. aniee says

    hey mohsin,
    i want to start online business, my question is that how the payment system will work if we only create clickbank, and not 2CO account, and are you using any autoresponder ,how do you pay?? which bank account you have i mean i am going to open a bank account, which do you think is best, i am completely new.

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Hello Aniee,

      1. Yes clickbank will be good. Just keep in mind clickbank will work only for digital products you sell. Not for any physical product or service payments.
      2. Yes i use aweber, i pay them using my credit card (Mastercard by RBS Bank)
      3. I use Standard Chartered as i love to access my account using Internet to keep up with the latest transactions.
      I also use Bank Alfalah, both are good banks, but I prefer SCB due online banking and use Alaflah only for local banking.

      Hope this helps,
      PS. Good luck with your business. Let me know if you have any question or need any help in this regard.

  8. aniee says

    hello Mohsin,
    Thanks, you are very encouraging!
    yes for online business i want to learn html, css, php & all that basic web development, i just want to start in that niche marketing, i am also in warrior-forums, do you know any perfect guide which describes all basic terms like landing pages, backlinks….etc but at least free for the time being.
    and how about UBL united bank & its wiz card can we pay online from them?
    where can i send you emails.

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Hello again,

      You are very welcome.
      No you do not need to learn all that technical stuff if you want to do niche marketing, with WordPress
      you can have niche site in 30 minutes ready for you focus on content, and promotion and conversion
      instead of wasting time on development.

      Oh yes development is important and i love it but i recommend you go for it only if you want to be yourself
      in website development and coding…. otherwise do not spend much time on it as it is always cheaper,
      faster and smarter to get someone do it for you fast so you focus on your core skills, also with free tools
      available you can have site built free in same day…

      Sorry I have not used their card, i have listened about that but have not tried myself ever.
      Any friend have used this card? Please share your experience here.. thanks

      ps. you are welcome to send me email at or mohsin101 at

  9. says

    Hello Mohsin!

    Just read this post and I was hoping you could help me regarding 2co. I’ve read on their forums that they send money only using checks and don’t offer Wire Transfers for Pakistanis. Is that true?

    Secondly, What sort of info is required regarding your business? Do you need to enter your TAX info as well?

    I’ll really appreciate your help.

    Thanks and Regards;

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Hello Musab,

      Nice website buddy! Keep it up!

      2Checkout offers Wire transfer in Pakistan. I am using this so i can verify this from my experience.
      Every week on Thursday they Wire money to your account if you have earned $300 or more.
      $10 fee is charged for every wire sent to your account.

      When i opened account with them years ago, they did not ask my any special information,
      just website address, physical address, credit card to pay fee $49, and bank information where
      you want to send them wires for your money earned there.

  10. says

    Thanks for appreciation, Mohsin!

    Regarding business information, for example, if I register, will this mean I am eligible to get money only through this site or will I be able to get payments directly from clients, by doing a project for them?

    In simpler terms, what I mean is that will I be restricted to receive payments from the business I’ve registered or will I have freedom to receive payments from anyone, just like in paypal?

    Thanks again!

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      You are always welcome, Musab!

      Well they say one account is for one domain/website.
      But in your situation, as you register you can accept payment
      for anything which has to do with , it could be your pre-made themes,
      client projects or anything related to your core business i.e. Website development…

      What you cannot do is to use this same account at another site say even selling wordpress themes.
      As they want to keep one account associated only with domain that is it.

      To accept payments from your clients i recommend you set some sort of form using the code i have used,
      Using this code you can use it like Paypal payment form to accept custom payments from your clients for the projects you do at

      May this answers your question. If you have any other question or confusion please let me know.

  11. says

    Great! That helped a lot.

    Another question, if I were to consider your opinion, which one would be better in terms of performance, security, popularity, fees – 2CO or MoneyBooker? Cuz I do have a Moneybooker account, but haven’t sent or received any payments yet.

    Which one would you suggest and why?

  12. Mohsin Rasool says

    AOA Musab,

    Great to know that it was any help to you.

    Well I recommend 2Co reason -> They Accept paypal too!
    Also they are popular and 2nd best known after Paypal in Web development community.

    Yes MoneyBooker is good, stable, secure, cheap, better for Pakistan, but it is
    not that popular with most of clients I have met online…

    If feasible why not have both? As fees of MoneyBooker are very reasonable,
    and good for Pakistan, why not ask you client to pay through them, if they say no,
    then offer 2Co?

    I think NBP would be ok, as almost every bank accepts International Wires.
    Well I use Standard Chartered as well as Bank Alfalah both have worked flawlessly
    with 2Co. I am sure NBP would not be a problem too.

    Best Regards,
    Mohsin Rasool

  13. rage says

    I’ve read all of this discussion from you guys, but still I’ve some confusions that I would like you to clarify, please.

    * First thing, I am going to start work as a freelance writer,through some frelance websites. All of the buyers pay via Paypal.
    * Being a native of Pakistan, I am unable to have a paypal account.
    * I’ve an account in UBL , to which I want to transfer all those payments from paypal buyers/clients.

    Now guide me step by step, what should I do to get payments from those paying through paypal.

    Also, give a fair comparison of Moneybooker with 2Co, both in terms of their charges and service.

    Waiting for a kind help from you people.

  14. says

    AoA Mohsin,

    I hope you are doing well! I’ve finally created a 2co account and have borrowed your script. I’ve replaced necessary values with mine.

    What I don’t understand is where to get the cart_order_id? Do I need to create a new Product and then replace those values in the script with yours?

    Your help would be really appreciated.

    Best Regards;

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Dear Musab,

      Good Luck, great to see you progress.
      Well you can put any id Cart-ID this is for you to track payments from that form…


    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Dear Mukhtar Ahmed,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. For me personally, I used Plimus few years back. I was excited to use them but then i got complaints from my customers that Plimus is not allowing them to buy from me… as it turns out…Plimus will only accept paid emails address like you@yourdomain and no gmail/yahoo/msn/aol… That was just stupid to hurt sales as most of the time people love to use free email address as their personal email.. So i stopped using them.

      Maybe this has changed now? You can share your experience with us… Are your customers able to buy even with gmail/yahoo emails? Any customer complained ever about not being able to purchase?


  15. aniee says

    hi Mohsin!
    i want to know if someone starts from zero in internet marketing or web business, then what is the order of steps for those of us living in Pakistan, Lahore i.e. if even one does not has yet registered bank account and has not bought any website, so what will be the order of steps…….from these ….open bank account, register domain host, design website, register 2Co, autoresponders,
    would you tell all technical most important steps involved in setting up in IM, actually i had mailed you in detail on warmarks e-mail but hav’nt seen reply yet, so waiting for reply
    Thaks for cooperating!

  16. aniee says

    oh sorry, one thing to ask is that which host you use for your websites, i mean i have from many that hosting companies here in Lahore are cheap quality and expensive, so want to opt for foreign hosts, do you know any hosts which have excellent quality we can pay easily from here!
    thanks, Regards!

  17. aniee says

    hey mohsin!
    i have a question, can we buy domain and hosting from our paypal account, and pay for autoresponder aweber service from paypal account??
    is there any good autoresponder which we can pay via paypal?

  18. Mohsin Rasool says

    Hello Aniee,

    First of all I did not get your email. On which address you sent it?
    warmarks at gmail? . Please resend it using link in above menu called CONTACT.

    I read your questions in another post, as I have been very busy with some stuff after Eid. I will be answering your questions soon. Better you send again in email using above contact form.

    Yes you can buy domain using Paypal. I use and and both accept paypal. I suggest to have hosting separate than domain registrar for security reasons, and Hostgator is what I use and do not remember if they accept paypal I use credit card with them. (If you like to buy hosting from Hostgator let me know before you order.)

    I think last time I checked aweber does not accept Paypal.. Let me confirm it again.
    Na! they still not accept , here is their response:

    You should check and EmailAces both are good alternative to
    aweber, one of them must be accepting paypal!

    Best Regards,

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  20. Sarfraz says

    Mohsin Bahi salam0
    i m freelance writer,the web for which i work pays via paypal.will 2co can give me facility to accept my dues via paypal

  21. says

    Mohsin i need to buy a domain from, i have some money in paypal account from which i want to pay for domain, but when i click on funds transfer, it says enter your credit card number in paypal (to verify account)———what i am supposed to do about that?

    could you guide me please?


    i have sent you emails—did you replied?

  22. Aitizaz Ahmad says


    Dear Mohsin! i work with an international website and they ONLY Pay through PayPal. Currently i use any other person’s account but he will be back home soon.

    How can i transfer the amount to 2Co or any other payment processor whereas the original website, that pays me, only transfers the amount to a PayPal account?

  23. hareem says

    can you please tell me how 2CO can receive payments from freelance website?can it provide a verified paypal account address that can be given on freelance website, as these freelance website require only paypal address from us.
    please reply me, i really need that.

    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Hi Hareem I have replied to your email.
      Here is quick answer:

      Hello Hareem,

      I know what you mean by this (I have been there and I can feel the pain
      those paypal only sites give to any Pakistani Working online), but sorry 2Co
      does not provide a paypal email for this…

      Well I recommend you get some friend or relative aboard with paypal address,
      then ask him/her to add your email address as recipient in the paypal,
      in this way your payments will be separately identifiable. And you will be able
      to use that email as paypal email in freelance sites. (No in this way
      you will not get
      access to paypal login, just an email to give to customers to accept
      paypal payments,
      you will get all payment notices in your email.. on the week end or month end,
      ask your friend to draw the same and send you through Bank wire or WU).

      Otherwise focus on other income streams where you do not need bloody paypal.
      You can focus on Adsense sites as they pay with WU in Pakistan.

      Also focus on affiliate programs who pay by Cheque. Like Hostgator does.

      Also you can focus on clickbank affiliates promotions as they do pay
      by Cheque too.
      Also you may focus on offering services directly to clients (like we
      do) yeah bypass
      those freelance networks, so you can accept payments through 2Co, yes
      your clients
      can pay from their paypal funds to your Checkout account using some
      payment button
      or form you will put on your site for them to pay you….

      Hope this help, Wish you best 2011 Online.
      With Best Regards,
      Mohsin Rasool

  24. hareem says

    Thanks for your reply
    i want to ask one more question.

    How can we transfer funds from relative’s paypal account to our plimus account.

    Is that essential that relative’s paypal account should be verified for such transfers.

  25. Ali Rao says

    Assalam o Alyqum Moshin Rasool,

    My name is Ali and I run an online Quran teaching institute. I was using someone’s paypal account who is in Thiland and it is really a headache. after going through your post I will open the acoount with 2co in a day or so InshALLAH. I have some questions, can you please let me know how many options are there to withdraw money from 2 co. and each option takes how much time. Which one you would recommend. Monthly I withdraw about $4000.
    Also I just visited 2co website, it should be quite simple, it looks quite complex to understand, how to send money/receive or withdraw. Can you please tell me is it as simple as PayPal to send and receive money through 2CO.
    I would be really grateful for your help.


  26. Tabinda says

    Hi Mohsin,

    I am about to start selling a digital product and it’s going to be a modest and humble start. I using google sites to create my online store.

    I’d deeply appreciate your feedback and guidance as to…

    1. How can 2CO be applicable when it comes to google sites?
    2. Is there a ‘buy now’ button from 2CO I can isert into my google site?
    3. Is Plimus another good option to use with google site?

    I am new to all this and can’t figure out how to proceed.



    • Mohsin Rasool says

      Hello Tabinda,

      Thank you for your message. I wish you good luck with your humble
      start of selling online.

      1. 2Co can be used at any sites, including Google Sites. You just need
      to COPY /PASTE
      their HTML code (order form/order button code)

      2. Yes Buy Now button for each product you add in 2Co can be put in your site,
      you just need to copy HTML Code from 2co (inside your 2Co account) and
      paste in your site.

      You can see one example on my other site:
      Click on ORDER Button and see how it works..

      3. Yeah I have heard about Plimus both good and negative news.
      My friend in Iran ,Ladan Laskari, told me she used to use them effectively.
      Then another friend told that they make verifcation calls to customers
      and so and so
      and he did not like them…so you have to test yourself to see how
      they go for you..

      Its ok you will get all figured out soon. In the start things seem complex more
      than they are…it will get easier and easier as you keep moving ahead..

      Wishing you all the best,

      • Tabinda says

        Hi Mohsin,

        Thank you so very much for your reply. It was indeed very nice of you to take time out and explain everything.

        Yes, I hope things will be easier with the passage of time.

        I really like your blog and I got a lot of useful information from it.

        Thanks again and all the best.


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