Surprise – The Biggest Bonus So Far & Joy of Working

Yesterday, an interesting thing happened. A first time client of us, who trusted his website to us to build as per his mockups and ideas, sent me extra bonus on the top of the job… and Man it was the biggest percentage of Bonus I have ever gotten!

Guess what percentage? 5% of the original project amount? 10%, 25% ? 50%? Yes it was 50%!!!

My first thought was that client forgot the interim payment he had already made, lol for few seconds it was test of my integrity and honesty (Thank God I was able to cope my greedy instinct and was going to let him know that) so I opened the customer support center… and there I read awesome reply already posted by him. Let me quote:

With regards to payment, I am delighted with the work you have provided and the help you have given. Therefore, I am very happy to pay a 50% bonus for your work. I trust you find that acceptable and that we can continue to use you for our ongoing work.

I was really delighted to read above quote, as it gives you satisfaction on multiple levels. Yes you get happy to know that more money is in your account, but you also get happy that your work is accepted and appreciated and valued by your clients. This encourages more quality in your future work. I thanked him for his bonus and he kindly replied:

No problem Mohsin – it’s a pleasure. You have been extremely patient with the length of time this project has taken, and very helpful in the advice you have given. PLUS – you and your team seem to be able to design to our exact specifications… all without complaint! So that’s appreciated 😉

Now that is awesome, it proves that if you focus on your passion and work, you do not have to worry about the money. You just focus on creating wealth (value) and money will follow. Money should never be the goal but the value creation and wealth creation (oh yeah if you want to know what the heck is difference b/w Wealth & Money then read Paul  Graham’s essay link is below.) I sign off now with Paul’s link and happy reading Paul’s essay & Good luck with your wealth creation.

* Paul Graham’s Essay: Wealth


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