Seven Best Free Tools I Use Everyday in my Business

Here is list of seven (07) best tools which are free to use and I cannot run business without these tools which I use everyday: 1- Firefox Browser  I know you may already use it, this is great browser made for Internet Marketers. I put this on #1 for its great plugins. Most of the Time I use Following Plugins:  SearchStatus SEO Plugin- Great plugin for SEO guys. Shows all stats you need about any website you are browsing right now. DownloaderVideo - Using this you can download your favorite videos to your computer. ScrapBook - Save any website page to your computer for offline use, with everything intact. FireBug - Great plugin for website developers. It is just the awesome plugin. 2- VLC Media Player Play … [Read more...]

Free Themes Directories

There are many great free wordpress themes, that is why you can find many dedicated websites and directories for wordpress themes. I am going to list all the best wordpress theme directories I know in this post. I would be updating this list as i find more quality websites which fit in this post. Here is the Current List of Top Wordpress Theme Directories: WordPress Codex Theme List Blogflux WordPress Theme Directory WordPress Theme Viewer Emily Robins’s WordPress Theme List Top Wordpress Themes NattyWP Wordpress Themes collection WordPress Themes - WP Theme Spot! If you know any of the wordpress theme directory not listed in this list, please let me know using the below comment form and i would try to add in … [Read more...]

Rebirth of Internet Marketing by John Reese – Free Awesome Report

Hi Friends, John Reese has started to give away his gems from INCOME.COM! If you visit his new blog you can find a killer report there for FREE. It is called Rebirth Of Internet Marketing and I will say it is must read for you if you want to be successful online. Go, download it and read it right now! I am sure you will love it. There are many valid and great points John has made but I love the below concept. It is actually a question John advised to ask yourself before making any new webpage online. And if done right I am sure this single concept, a mindset, will be the huge reason to be successful online. Are you truly making someone's life better? Yes, you should ask this question before starting new Adsense … [Read more...]

Best Free Open Source FTP Client is FileZilla

Update: Dec 1, 2007 As FTP commander guys has stopped offering free version. My recommendation goes to OPEN SOURCE free and Best FTP client Filezilla   I am using Filezilla now and it is awesome when it comes to FTP tasks. So download it and use it as it is BEST free FTP software which is also OPEN SOURCE and constantly being updated by the great programmers! Update: Oct 27, 2014 FileZilla tips you need to master: Bookmarks Synchronized browsing File Filters , MENU View -> File Filters (to hide all configuration directories in local machine, very hand time saving filter with the same name!)   -------------- Yes this is fact what i have written in the subject line. SmartFtp was suggested by a friend of … [Read more...]