Using PTCL & WordPress – Two Unusual Issues I Faced Today

Now I would say GOOGLE & GoTrusted VPN rescued me. Issue #1: Client Site will not Open at PTCL My ISP A very loyal client of mine, who outsources all programming of her business to me, was having issues with order checkouts. I needed to look into this and fix it asap. I could see that site was working fine as using proxy I could see it working fine. Problem was that I could not login to it and do the job as public proxies are unsafe... I skyped my younger brother, Ismail, that can he open this site in his pc in office. He replied that site was not opening there too as they too were using PTCL. I told him my situation... he said why not use VPN and get rid of PTCL stuff. WOW, even I have paid membership with VPN for clients' … [Read more...]

Thank You WordPress

I use Wordpress daily in my own business as well as most of the time our clients also choose Wordpress and ask us to build their website based on Wordpress. I cannot thank enough to Wordpress and whole Wordpress team to make this great product open source and free. I learn something new daily about this great project of its own kind on the internet. Just today I installed Android App by Wordpress and really loving it, this makes posting to my blog so easy. Also today I was sharing with my team that MEDIA section in Wordpress 3.5 is so lovely. Oh also those new Publish and Update buttons also so cool in WP 3.5. Thank you Wordpress, thank you very much. Wishing you all best year 2013. Regards, Mohsin … [Read more...]

Post Slugs – Post Urls Keep Them Short

This is one of those features of wordpress which are awesome but used by fewer users while blogging with wordpress. Yes I am taking about the capability for editing Post-Slug aka Post-URL or Permalink. Wordpress has the convention to use your post title as your post URL aka Post Slug. This is awesome when it comes to user friendly and search engine friendly URLs. But there was a little problem with this default behavior of Wordpress i.e. this will result into very long URLs with unnecessary words inside them... Doing no good for SEO... To fix this problem Wordpress guys introduced a little field underneath the Post Title field giving you option to edit the URLz while you are posting new blog post. You need to click the EDIT button and … [Read more...]

Free Themes Directories

There are many great free wordpress themes, that is why you can find many dedicated websites and directories for wordpress themes. I am going to list all the best wordpress theme directories I know in this post. I would be updating this list as i find more quality websites which fit in this post. Here is the Current List of Top Wordpress Theme Directories: WordPress Codex Theme List Blogflux WordPress Theme Directory WordPress Theme Viewer Emily Robins’s WordPress Theme List Top Wordpress Themes NattyWP Wordpress Themes collection WordPress Themes - WP Theme Spot! If you know any of the wordpress theme directory not listed in this list, please let me know using the below comment form and i would try to add in … [Read more...]